In order to plan, display and supervise rail traffic it is essential to use time-distance-graphs. jTrainGraph is an application, that enables the user to create those train graphs in an convenient way and to display the graphs both in a planning mode, as well as in a live mode according to the specific delays of trains.
jTrainGraph was made to have a convenient, platform independent application, that can be extended.


jTrainGraph BasisjTrainGraph ProjTrainGraph Kommerziell
Usagenon-commercial use of application and work-resultscommercial use
Costfree25€has to be negotiated
Creation of timetables using convenient user interfacesyesyesyes
Numeros features that can be configuredyesyesyes
Export of jpg, gif and png imagesyesyesyes
Trains can be copied in strict timesyesyesyes
Trains can be linked in strict timesnoyesyes
Connect trains with returning trainsnoyesyes
Calculate timetables using reference trains / mean velocitiesnoyesyes
Further convenient featuresnoyesyes
Excel/csv importnoyesyes
Excel/csv exportnoyesyes
Live-view of created timetablesyesyesyes
Live-view of "Stellwerksim" trainsyesyesyes
Compatibility with FPLedityesyesyes


Current version: 3.03, Release date: 01.11.2018

By downloading one of these files, you accept the rules given in the manual and in the application itself (Help => About jTrainGraph) as well as the data privacy statement.

Download basic version

  • (ca. 19 MB, All operating systems + Manual + Examples + additional files)
  • Manual.pdf (Manual)
  • zip-File with DB lines: (ca. 631kb)
    Source of information: TPN master data, no guarantees provided
Download jTrainGraph Pro (Serial number is needed, see buy)The zip-archive contains an exe-file, which can be started using a double-click on Windows. On any other operating system, the .jar-file also contained in the archive can be started.
No installation procedure is required.


  • jTrainGraph is still maintained, so bugs get fixed and new features can be introduced
  • jTrainGraph can be used on different operating systems and languages (currently English and German)
  • Timetables are stored in plain text using XML-structures, so data are also accessible for other applications and are not tied to jTrainGraph
    • As jTrainGraph is compatible to FPLedit, other timetable formats can be created using jTrainGraph-data (e.g. staff timetable "Buchfahrplan" and customer timetable "Aushangfahrplan")
  • Train graphs can be exported to png-, gif- and jpg-files in an easy way. It is also possible to print train graphs - therefore creation of PDF-files is possible
  • jTrainGraph is free in its basic version for non-commercial use
  • jTrainGraph can display created timetables in a live-mode with delays
  • External interfaces are possible (currently in use: "Stellwerksim"-interface)

Buy jTrainGraph Pro

The process to buy jTrainGraph Pro is as follows:

  1. Please fill in your data in the form below and click on the button to send the order (and to be therefore liable to pay)
  2. You get an ackowledgement E-Mail containing your bill. In this e-mail you get a code that can be entered to jTrainGraph Basic for two weeks in order to unlock pro features, if an connection to the internet is established
  3. You pay the bill
  4. You get the serial number for jTrainGraph Pro per E-Mail and can download jTrainGraph Pro afterwards.
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I accept the data privacy statement and the general terms and conditions (including rights for revocation).

Commercial use

The terms and conditions to use jTrainGraph in an commercial environment are negotiated for every request.
If neccessary, jTrainGraph can be used for commercial purposes in these areas:

  • Creation of timetables (reference customer exists)
  • Creation of documents for operational purposes
  • Integration in other applications to display timetables (reference project exists, where jTrainGraph was integrated in a database-based application during one week)
jTrainGraph can also be extended in multiple ways, e.g. in these areas:
  • Creation of train graphs suitable for web outputs
  • Creation of other documents for operational purposes
  • Additional live-interfaces to display the current traffic
  • More wizard features to save time during timetable planning (e.g. feature to break divide train movements for civil works)
Please contact me, I'm will be pleased to write an offer for you.


If you have any questions, proposals, wishes, problem reports or you want to use jTrainGraph for commercial applications, feel free to contact me via e-mail:
info [at] jtraingraph [dot] de


English page with examples is under construction.
Please visit the german version of this page.


You can find the data privacy statement here.

Responsible for this page and the application jTrainGraph:

Moritz Scherzinger
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70499 Stuttgart
info [at] jtraingraph [dot] de